City, town or on farm with no extra travel charges


or for our annual clients $242 Gets you !

A licensed and experienced termite manager visits your site.
Inspection is carried out of the available roof space, floor space, interior, exterior and grounds of the building where accessible.
A written report is provided which normally includes information and recommendations about what is found.

Spot treatments of termite activity can range from as little as $33 for a tree nest when carried out at the same time as a termite inspection.

No obligation of any service or future service.
All prices are for single domestic sites with standard size buildings. All prices include GST—All prices are subject to change



How much does termite treatment cost ?

Less than the cost of replacing your roof ! Below is how we work out how much a treatment costs We inspect your building as per our above price Assess what current termite issues you have and explain whats going on Look at the buildings historic termite issues Assess how your house is built and what is built from Assess how big your building is and how to apply the chemical for best effect Calculate how many litres of product are required and how long it will take to apply Only after taking this all into consideration do we give you an accurate informed no obligation price for treatment. You are not obliged to carry out any treatment but you are now much more informed.